About Us

Who We Are


CB Advertising Services, Inc., was incorporated in 2003. It came about because we felt there was a need for a one-stop source that helps making the advertising/marketing life of small to medium sized business operators easier without breaking their bank. Simply put we are an expert source for local business to turn to for rock solid advice and business growth ideas.

Our focus is to offer reliable service and to help with the execution of your marketing plan.  Our expertise is to find the right solution for your business using web site design, social media marketing, graphic design, photography and to develop simple and effective marketing strategies that fit into your business environment. The idea is to offer the perfect package that represents your individual business’ unique identity.

Our business only works when we can deliver exactly what you envision and require. We strongly believe that you know your business and its needs, otherwise you would not be in it.

Business growth systems, graphic design, website design, social media and photography are our specialties; therefore we can help you make educated decisions without necessarily adding to your work load. We advice you on how to easily maintain a goal oriented approach for your marketing need that is within your budget. We help you stay on top of your competition and to identify your target audience.

We have been in the marketing arena for a long time and have seen what works and what doesn’t. Our goal of our business is to make yours successful and we feel very passionate about this. Of course there is some selfish thought behind this as well, because if we cannot make you look great then we don’t look so good either. And neither one of us wants this to happen.


Our Mission is quite simple!

It is…

  • To provide result-oriented marketing advice and materials that are designed to meet each client’s objective.
  • To offer professional and superior customer service.
  • To listen carefully to the need of each client in order to help identify the best solution for each marketing campaign.


We do this by educating our clients and working on great down-to-earth, result-oriented marketing strategies; by creating a consistent brand using graphic & photography services, print, internet and social media marketing all relevant to the respective business.



Now that you have learned who we are meet Caroline the CEO of the company.