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Caroline Blochlinger

Caroline Blochlinger
CB Advertising Services
(a.k.a. Studio CB Photography)

Hello, my name is Caroline and my passion is marketing. I shoot and design online and offline stuff. Well, really, when I am not out there with my camera I sit in front of the computer and create cool projects. My focus is on making my clients and their businesses look their best and at the same time offer a solution based strategy so you – my client –  have more time to do what you do best…

Born and raised in Switzerland, I found my way to Amelia Island via a 25 year stop-over in Miami, Florida. There I was teaching German at the College level and also worked for a brief time for Lufthansa before I moved on and started a Direct Mail Dental Supply Company.

I have been in the direct marketing arena in one way or another for over 30 years. – Wow how time flies when you are having fun…

As I mentioned earlier my passion is marketing, photography and giving businesses a professional identity. I realize in order to do so I constantly have to stay on top of the game, especially since everything is changing so fast in today’s world. This is often a little challenging but at the same time this is where it stays interesting and very rewarding.

I have always tried to push the envelope. Back in the direct mail dental supply company our marketing campaigns focused on printed materials and telemarketing. Things have been shifting into the internet world and today direct marketing is effectively done via email campaigns, social media, etc. However, let’s not forget about basic marketing because it ‘s still relevant regardless of what tools we are using. It boils down to delivering a good product and to give great services whatever your business specializes in. So, the goal and trick is to know and to address the right target audience for your business. A combination of all marketing tools; professionally designed print materials, well designed and thought through websites, email campaigns and effective social media marketing strategies are keys.

Your message needs to be clear and simple and most importantly every business should follow a solid marketing plan. Every campaign needs to define a goal. This is where my professional expertise and experience comes in. I like to be flexible, keep it simple and interesting plus deliver the best possible product at the most economical price to, well…. to make your businesses and my clients look great!

Contact me and let’s explore how I and my company can be of help to you.



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