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email marketing With all the social media and mobile marketing hype that is going on you might think that email marketing is sort of an old-fashion type of marketing. It is pretty amazing that we are thinking in terms of old-fashion when this medium has been around for less than 30 years.

As a matter of fact, email marketing is a very powerful marketing tool that is often neglected by individual businesses. In fact it is a direct way of having a one-on-one relationship with your clients. Think about it with an email you reach out to one person and this gives your business a chance to shine in a more personal environment. At the same time email marketing is amazingly cost effective plus if you use an email marketing service you most likely will have access to some very valuable statistics that can help you further understand your market.

Where to get the email addresses

You cannot start an email campaign without any addresses. So it is absolutely vital that you are collecting the email addresses from your customers. There are several organic ways you can acquire these names. If you have a storefront why not ask your customers to sign up to join your email list. If you have a website, why not use a call-to-action and ask for your visitors to sign up to your list. Once placed on this list you can send newsletters, special offers, special announcements etc. It may be a good idea for your customers to know that you will not misuse or sell their addresses. This is a good practice and will also help adding credibility to your business. By having the permission of your customers they are aware of your business and most likely will read your notes,  plus your email is not considered spam.

Use an Email Marketing Service

There are many email marketing services available. IContactBenchmarkConstant Contact are just a few. A popular free email marketing service is MailChimp. With a little research you will find the one that best suits your needs. You will find that these services make it very easy to upload your email list. Some of them also offer automated services and much more.

Creating an appealing email does not have to be difficult. Typically there is a series of templates that can easily be branded. If you really want to have your individual branded look you can ask your favorite graphic designer to set up the template for these purposes. When this is done you always have the option to reuse this template as many times as you like. All you need to do is come up with offers and relevant content. The advantage of using an email service is that most of them provide you with a simple pie chart or bar graph that measures who opened your email, which emails bounced, who opted out of the list, what time most emails were opened and more. Consulting these statistics will give you very valuable data about how your email campaign is doing and gives you the opportunity to tweak it as needed.

How to start an Email Campaign

As with all your marketing efforts you first want to develop a strategy. Ask yourself how often you are going to send emails. You don’t want to abuse it by sending too many otherwise your audience may be opting out. How about a monthly or quarterly newsletter? Are you intending to reward your audience with special coupons or announcements, etc? Whatever your plan, it is important that you send relevant content and don’t waste the time of the receiver. Think about how you would react when you see that note in your box. Most decisions of whether to go to the next step, which is opening and reading the email, are made by what is said in the subject line. So make sure you have a strong subject line that is interesting and intrigues the reader.

If you want to become a bit more adventurous with your email campaign definitely combine it with your social media. Most of the email marketing services will give you the option to link your note to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. This approach adds the element of word-of-mouth advertising which to this day is one of the most popular ways to gain popularity among your customer and friend base.

So whatever you are doing don’t neglect the power of email marketing and done right you will be amazed about great your results you will be.



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